Precision of traditional, hand craftsmanship.

Our love for shoes was instilled by our father. When he was a teenager, his Uncle Tadeusz was involved in the production of shoes, running a small artisanal workshop. It was there that dad liked to hang out most of the time, studying and watching his uncle at work. As it turned out, Tadeusz was a very demanding teacher, and Dad quickly understood that creating shoes was a difficult and challenging job. Uncle Tadeusz always emphasized that by focusing on details, quality, and precision of workmanship at every stage of crafting, you could create a pair that the world would adore.

At the age of 19, dad began crafting his own shoe designs by hand. The parents' garage became his first workshop. Exploring all the elements of footwear and constantly improving and refining each model quickly turned into a passion. Dad paid the most attention to the very precise sewing, stitching and elegant embossing, using high-quality leather. Like Tadeusz, he believed that the quality of shoes was determined not just by the craftsman's skill, but also by the materials from which he creates. He designed mainly at night and on weekends. He sketched and drew patterns, selected uppers, and created the first models which soon began to gain attention.

Polish shoes inspired by
Italian style.

The first shoe prototype created by Dad came to life thanks to Pani Krystyna's favorite Italian shoes. Inspired by their remarkable profile, Dad decided to create the perfect pair of shoes and designed his very first model. Pani Krysia started sewing uppers for it, while Dad coordinated their reinforcement and strenghtening. He was accompanied by great emotions and stress, due to investing all his money in his invented design pattern at such young age. He crafted the model in three colors and took it to the Stadion Dzięsięciolecia stadium, popular market place in Warsaw, to see if he could sell at least one pair. He sold them all and received orders for several hundred more pairs. Happy and overwhelmed, he wondered if he could handle such large quantity of orders, which kept pouring in. Together with Krystyna, they needed help, so they hired acquaintances from elementary school, including cobblers and upper makers: Mrs. Ula, Lucyna, and Mr. Andrzej. Today, they have been with us for over 20 years, and the company has grown to a team of 40 people.

High quality at every stage of production.

Before the shoes designed by Dad go into production, their prototype is strictly assessed by Mom Beata. She measures them multiple times and only when she confirms they are comfortable, the prototype gets the green light. We monitor and control the process of their production at every stage. All shoes that leave our workshop are meticulously tested by us. We believe that the skill and craftsmanship of our work, along with the materials we use, are the guarantee of an unmatched comfort. As a result, the BRAVOMODA brand, created by passionate artisans and craftsmen, has been creating a new dimension of premium footwear in Poland for over 25 years.